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Selecting The Best Smelling Cologne For You

Have you ever looked online at all the best colognes for Men available? The selection can be a bit redundant and can be frustrating when you're trying to decide which would be the best smelling cologne for yourself. There are several things you can do when you try to make your decision.

1. It really helps when you know the type of fragrance that works best for you. How can you determine this? Most of the time, when you walk by someone with a cologne that you like, this will also be the same type of scent that works for you. Is the aroma, more of musk, floral, citrus or woodsy? For instance, if you find that the scent you like the most seems to be stronger, then most likely it is more of musk.

2. One of the most important things you can do when you are looking for the best smelling cologne for you is to determine when you will be wearing cologne. Sometimes there is a big difference for the cologne to wear during the day and people should be worn at night. If you want a cologne that can be worn day or night, it might be better to go with a lighter scent. A scent of citrus-based works very well for the cologne that is intended to be used anytime.

3. If you can not decide on just one cologne, most men have several to choose from anyway. They will have one or two of the cologne that they enjoy wearing during the day and they have a cologne that they are mainly used for evening functions. Having a few different options will allow you to have some flexibility on fragrances that you feel will work best in your area to attend.

4. You can also apply your cologne to different areas of your body to see where you like wearing the best scent. Many men prefer to wear cologne on their necks and on their wrists, and other men want to wear behind their ears and just above their chest. Try wearing your cologne in different areas and see where you find the scent that works best for you.

Overall, keep in mind that you are wearing cologne for yourself first, so make sure that it is something that you like and is something that compliments you.