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Things You Need To Know About SliTaz

It ain't some rapper's name, but it might impress you with its 'bars'. SliTaz GNU/Linux is a lightweight distro of 256 MB RAM that'll boot smoothly on any hardware. Its latest GNU software & BusyBox Linux kernel, it offers 200 Linux commands and runs with Syslinux. The spidey distro boasts an insanely seamless, pleasant aesthetics and pretty well-built OS. It comes with a stable, start-up mode of programs, like Alsa Player, Geany IDE, Gparted for sound editing, Mozilla Firefox, Dropbear, JWM, X window system, Dropbear server, rescue tools, SQLite database, Lighttpd web server, SSH and IRC client. The SliTaz image can be fitted around 30 MB and take a storage space 80mb on the hard disk. You can use Win32 Disk Imager to install SliTaz and you can download it from the Win32 Disk Imager website. The installer is a very small file, and should download in a couple of seconds.


As for efficiency, SliTaz can be on par with DSL, with an aesthetic feel, courtesy to our spider icon. It has a useful software management utility kit making it convenient to expand. Though lacking on other functions, it can still serve as an alternative lightweight Linux distribution. Now maintained by a development team named i18n and accessible with multiple languages. Like any other lightweight fighter, it can also run on a separate flash drive, USB stick or CD-ROM, and shared in LiveCD where you can burn and install, then use it for other computing purposes. The OS can be stretched with the Tazpckg package manager, as security updates are offered for stable editions. It rumored to have less compatibility to hardware in comparison to Puppy Linux, though SliTaz has few selections of applications on default installations, it can be remedied by adding more softwares. For new users, the installation process might be confusing on the first try, but for consistent Linux enthusiasts, it can prove powerful if used well.

Tiny SliTaz

SliTaz somehow wanted to venture around the featherweight division, so why not try to reduce its size? Meet Tiny SliTaz! Is indeed so small compared to its former version and programmed for minimum system requirements of 368SX processor and 2.6.14 Kernel, it packs only a size of 4MB! Yep, much smaller than your image size stored on your phone, you can manipulate or tweak anything on how it behaves or look for display on this operating system. The only disadvantage is that you're a french native speaker since its language is french. If you're wondering where the package manager is being run, its the site that handles the job. Built based on uClibc & BusyBox configuration and filesystem tree using initramfs to store modules, packages, and configuration files.