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User Friendly Clothes for a Healthy Environment

People have become more aware today about their clothes. Eco-friendly clothing is very popular among them. These garments are made from recycled and natural materials such as organic cotton, soy, bamboo and leather where no pesticides are used. The designers have introduced a method of environmental awareness with the adoption of socially responsible and environmentally friendly materials in clothing.

Clothes last longer because of the methods used in making them. They are available in a wide variety and styles such as shirts, t-shirts, hats made of bamboo and clothing made with recycled plastic. They are designed for an active and healthy lifestyle. Hemp clothing is the latest trend and fashion with many advantages. You can also click here to find latest eco-conscious brands. 

They are soft, strong and comfortable for our skin. Their stretching provides flexibility and the ability to breath with the movement of our bodies. They can be machine washed and heat drying. Other qualities include mildew resistant and absorption. They keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.

They are free of harsh chemicals and rub into our skin. They have many health benefits. They absorb and release and retain the colour. They do not require dry cleaning. They are anti-microbial and resistant to mould and mildew. They tolerate heat. Bamboo is the most sustainable resources in such an environment to grow organically without pesticides, fertilizer and water. Bamboo clothing is made from bamboo fibre.