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What Are E-Books?

An e-book is a book that can be read on a computer screen. E-books can be either fiction or non-fiction, but there is currently a much greater demand for non-fiction.

The demand for science fiction books is low but will likely increase with the flexibility (almost literally) of small computers (laptops, palms, cell phones, etc.). You can easily get the best sellings books at Exponential Progress.

Among non-fiction books, the greatest demand in e-books is the material that the people who buy them see, giving them a real or perceived value – they can save money, make money, or increase their chances of doing something or something will be the result of reading the e-book.

Of course, e-books are inherently sold online, and you can't buy e-books from your local bookstore. One of the beauties of e-books is that you can search, find, buy, and receive them as fast as you can type whatever you want!

They may need to register with the vendor you added to their database and send you an email. As soon as you pay, the book will be sent to your computer either in person or via email.

Books usually, but not always, come in PDF (Portable Document Format by Adobe), readers that can be downloaded from the Internet for a fee, and the resulting documents, which you read on a computer screen, are usually well-formatted to make reading easier.

Favorite topics include: body, mind, business, computers, health and fitness, religion, self-help, etc. Other popular non-fiction books are family and relationships, history and reference.