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What Is A Stainless Steel Cleaner?

From kitchen utensils and cabinets to ornamental pieces, stainless steel is in nearly every corner of our houses. The smooth metal has a classy white sheen, while its strength makes it a fantastic option for household appliances.

Regrettably, sooner or later you face the hassle of maintaining your stainless steel shiny and clean. That is when stainless steel cleaner chemicals come to your aid. These are specially formulated chemicals that are designed to clean and maintain appliances most effectively.

These cleaners come in various forms –

  • Spray-on cleaners, that will need to be sprayed on the surface and wiped off. These work best for fresh dirt, dust or grime
  • Cleaning lotions, which come in bottles or tubes and are put on the dirty surface. These can be left on longer than sprays, and are Excellent for dry and tough dirt on delicate surfaces – like dried soup in your oven top
  • Liquid cleaners, which come in pump bottles

Cleaning wipes, which can be used directly from the box. These are incredibly convenient and work in addition to the cleaners available in different forms.

Stainless Steel cleaners perform the double role of cleaning and buffing. Before using a buffer on a specially fine surface, always test it on a hidden place to stop visible abrasion or streaks.

Consistently apply the cleaner with a soft cloth, and rub some time with moderate pressure. Don't use your nails or extreme pressure at any stage – if necessary, you can switch to more powerful cleaning agents. With careful wiping or scrubbing, the stain should come off in under a minute.