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What To Expect of an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency is basically a service supplying the organization, in which it designs, plans, and grows advertising to suit the needs of its customers. It uses a wide spectrum to create marketing campaigns for marketing a service or commodity.

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What To Expect of an Advertising Agency?

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It can happen in-house, but it is usually independent of the customer and serves to achieve the customer's advertising, branding, and sales marketing goals. It normally consists of the following parts:

Market Research

Accounts Management or Sales/Client Servicing


Graphics Design Team

Media Planners

All these departments run a close-knight operation and work with the client to obtain information and pitch their ideas accordingly for a campaign, after which the creative team actually produces and disseminates the advertisement.

Some terminology is used in industry:


An advertising company simply cannot start making arbitrary cold calls to get customers because it is not a very effective way to go about the company. In addition to keeping current accounts and customers, all advertising agencies will need to focus on acquiring new customers to be able to grow their business operations.


After a business or customer shows interest, a meeting can be held where the customer can start work. This demonstration will include all those customers who can take advantage of these solutions.


Following the client actually provides employment to the firm, then the true work begins. The team should think about advanced design concepts that will underline the customer's company/brand/service in the manner desired by the customer and appeal to the target market.

Media Planning:

After the client accepts an advertisement, the job of this media planning department comes into play. This section is for buying media, ie they buy space for advertisements on paper, distance on hoardings and hoardings, space on radio, slots for TV commercials, etc., for advertisers.