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Why Is Thumb Sucking Bad For Dental Health?

Research shows that thumb and fingers sucking can result in a variety of dental problems related to tooth and jaw alignment. Thumb sucking can cause changes to the teeth, the shape of the palate, and impact on the lower jaw’s direction of growth. It can also contribute to crowding and other malocclusions (orthodontic problems) such as open bite and overjet.


Generally, if your child still sucks their thumb after the age of three, then you should definitely begin to discourage the habit and monitor their oral development and health. You can buy a thumb sucking guard in order to avoid thumb-sucking habit by visiting this site at

Thumb Sucking Habits


In order to ensure that the quitting process is as gentle as possible, here are a few effective and stress-free tips you can use to stop thumb-sucking:

• Consult your dentist or oral habits, specialist

• Offer encouragement by giving your child positive reinforcement when they aren’t sucking

• Figure out the triggering factors that cause your child to suck their thumb

We’re The Thumbsucking Clinic and we help toddlers and children get on top of their sucking habits – get in touch today to see how we can help!