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Why Log & Timber Need For Homes?

Custom homes are built in a variety of sizes and shapes. The materials used in them are also different and each custom home has a different appeal. Logs and timber traditional houses have a unique appeal, and they stand out for their charm.

A custom wood house fragrant with the smell of wood presents a unique style to the design which is only possible with wood. If you want to buy custom timber then you can visit Craig Timber Products.

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No matter how modern or smart looking wooden house it will always remind the 1600s house, a house that stood in the middle of vast greenery, near the lake, or on the banks of the river. The wooden house can transport us to a different era.

Imagine a home with log sidewalls and roof are made of wood either made or large log beams used it reminds you of rural life? A custom log home can be made a mixture of elegance and simplicity. Persons live in the log home as a primary home or use it as a second/vacation home for timeless beauty and appeal.

The species of wood used in log and timber homes may include pine, fir, cedar, hemlock, and spruce. Again there are various types of wood including hand-hewn, rough-sawn, weathered, and aircraft. You also have the option to use a different timber for a different room.

There are hundreds of log profiles to choose from. Log profiles may be round, D-shaped, square, and half-logs and handmade, etc. log size varies in diameter. Generally, 8, 10, and 12-inch diameter logs are used for home.

Wood framing is the old age techniques to build a log house and is still widely used. This technique requires that instead of building a log house piece by piece around the solid wood frame is assembled first, then set up with the help of a crane, and finally covered with a cage frame.