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East Africa’s Safari Company Offers Exclusive Gorilla Trekking Safaris

One of the biggest benefits of booking your safari with Nyumbani Safaris is that the company partners with small, exclusive lodges, tented camps, and organizations to ensure that their clients experience the area's best safari in East Africa. Whatever style you choose from the trip, the company has the experience and the necessary options to build the East African trip of a lifetime trip.

No African safari tour is complete without a look at the Mountain Gorillas. Nyumbani Safari provides you an unforgettable meeting with gentle apes themselves and would be happy to provide you with the appropriate schedule this holiday season. You can explore for getting more information about gorilla trekking.


In addition, special Safaris Nyumbani including, extreme jungle safaris, chimpanzee tracking, white water rafting on the Nile, Community and birding tour.

You have the option to book your Safari with Safari Nyumbani today or sign up for their newsletter, this way you can compete with all the people in their news Special Safari.

Nyumbani East Africa Safaris is a safari company located in Kampala, Uganda. The company specializes in made and scheduled Safaris in East Africa, including but not limited to countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. With a diverse team of experts, the company has managed to arrange a holiday to many different parts of East Africa for thousands of tourists happy.