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Information Regarding Texas Home Inspection Board

TREC organizes the activities of real estate brokers, salespeople, inspectors, housing service companies, timeshare developers and education providers for real estate and inspection courses. If you are searching for real estate inspector license in Texas then you can explore this link

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The main aim of TREC is to protect the legal rights of Texas citizens and provide them with honest, trustworthy and competent real estate services. The Commission reviews programs related to education providers for real estate and inspection courses. Try to identify and manage errors and weaknesses that are in it.

The terms of the real estate license action and the rules of the Texas real estate commission bind all real estate agents and professionals to provide customers with competent and honest service.

TREC also gives licenses to real estate inspectors, agents, housing service companies and real estate schools. This commission also registers timeshare property.

The Texas Real Estate Commission has legal relations with three state entities namely, the real estate center at Texas A&M University, Texas department of savings and loans and Texas licensing and licensing and certification boards.

The Commission has a partnership with Texas A&M University's real estate center to conduct joint research with several educational projects. It also appointed two members to the mortgage broker's advisory committee on savings and mortgage loans.