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Keeping It Simple: Ball Surface

Today we will be covering the role of the bowling ball's surface in bowling. We will cover three areas: preparation, management, and coverstock design. Our focus is on the ball's life and reaction.

These are the most important aspects to learn and use while playing your favorite rock n roll bowling sport, but they are often overlooked.

The creation of a bowling ball takes anywhere from six to twelve months to complete, sometimes even longer, depending on how complicated the project is. 

It all begins when a manufacturer gathers its marketing and design departments and discusses a new concept or continuation of an existing product line. As in the sport of this famous bowling sport, a bowling ball is the foremost important thing required.

They will discuss many things in these meetings: colors, logos, and performance, coverstock, core, and promotions. After a consensus is reached, they will test the concept by pouring color samples and testing balls.

They will then pour a few bowling balls from the factory with different formulations, and start testing their performance. They will then compare their balls to those of competitors. This process can be very important because it will help you narrow down the perfect box finish for your target audience.

What will it look like with compound, polish, or 2000 grit? This process is not easy, and there are many options. It can also be very tedious. This is why it's so important. This is because it will have a major impact on the ball's performance for thousands of customers.