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PPC Advertising in Dubai – Reasons You Should Advertise With PPC Today

Wouldn't it be great, if there were a quick and easy way to generate high-quality leads? And better yet, what if it were inexpensive or at least cost-efficient? That way, you only pay for what you need.

Actually, this ideal marketing solution exists. It's called pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads can help start-ups and small businesses generate qualified leads and quickly boost sales.

If you're not using PPC, then it's time to reconsider your marketing strategy. Here are three compelling reasons you should start advertising with Pay Per Click Ads.


PPC Generates High-Quality Leads – The major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo feature PPC ads, also known as paid search. Google dominates the search market, so obviously, it has the most popular PPC program – Google AdWords.

But, Bing and Yahoo also supply more than ample search traffic, so you shouldn't ignore PPC advertising on these search engines.

In any case, the universe of searches for your products or services is vast. PPC advertising allows you to write ads that target your message to prospects who need and want your product or service. Namely, your ads target a specific demographic. That automatically increases your lead quality.

You accomplish that by writing relevant ads. And that's done by selecting the keywords your prospects use to find your product or service.

Besides targeting a specific market segment, you can also target specific locations: locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. And you can even target specific times you want your PPC ads to run. They can run selected days of the week and certain times of the day.

This further ensures you advertise to the right segment or group of prospects. You're no longer advertising to the masses. The more targeted your ads, the more click-throughs you'll get, reducing your costs. With PPC, you're now advertising more efficiently, but more on that below.

PPC Ads are Highly Measurable – When you want to know which PPC ads work and which don't it helps that you can run split tests on your ads. Also known as A/B testing, you can run one ad and check its performance. Then run another ad to see how it compares. After selecting a winner in a comparison test, eliminate the loser and write another ad. Then run that against the winner.