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Room Escape Games Are Beneficial For Team Building

Escape rooms are more than just entertainment. Many businesses use room escape games to strengthen their team and break down communication barriers within the workplace.

Team building has two goals: to motivate employees and to prepare them for solving business problems together and effectively.

Escape room's most thrilling game is the one with the hungry zombie. Your team is placed in a room with a hungry, chain-tied zombie. Every five minutes, the chain is released by one foot. The hungry zombie can then move further to catch you. Virtual Escape experiences & team building are beneficial for your employees to learn how to work in a team.

virtual escape room team building

The game play takes approximately one hour. By the end of the game, the hungry zombie has reached every corner of the room. You will need to find the key to unlock the door to escape the room and solve the puzzles/riddles.

Participants must do the following to escape the room and avoid becoming a hungry zombies. Communicating is key to quickly finding hidden clues. To find hidden clues within the rooms, participants must work in small groups of two to three people. 

Escape rooms encourage communication among employees (participants) and encourage them to work together to win the game. They learn the value of cooperation and how the entire team can succeed.

Escape rooms offer a completely different experience. These activities are a great way to get away from your daily office work. They also put you in a position where you need to use the information, ask for suggestions and ideas from others.