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What is a Whiteboard Video

What exactly is Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard videos are those that show an illustrator or, more specifically, their hand drawing on a whiteboard. You can view whiteboard drawing videos online via YouTube. A whiteboard animation video can be used for academic purposes to show new software applications or products to customers, explain company policies to employees, and teach foreign languages.

Whiteboard styles

Whiteboard Videos come in various styles. The design can depend on the artist and their private style. Also, the various overall appearance of the video such as the use or not use of color, if there is animation, font style of any text, and so forth.

Other Names

Whiteboard Video has various names. Some of these names denote various creative designs while others are the focus of the video. These names consist of;


Explainer videos provide fast and easy access to any topic. They are developed to discuss things. Wikipedia even has a task named Wiki Loves Explainer Videos to promote using Explainer Videos on Wikipedia. You may have seen the one or the other explainer video posted in the body of some Wikipedia short articles. Such videos are designed to complement the text (and images) of an article.


Animation Whiteboard typically means the video will include actual animation in the video instead of simply revealing their hand drawing the images of the video.

Animated Explainer:

Denotes the combination of Animation and Explainer design of Video.