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Understanding Your Spray Booth Filtration System

A spray booth is sealed environment built for special purposes applying spray paint, usually for motor vehicles. A spray booth is sealed to prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the air. These particles will affect the final paint.

Clean air is blown into the spray chamber using the fan and then extracted using sets of fans. There are two types of air flow systems used in spray booths. You can navigate online to get information about table top paint booth in CA.

A draft system of air traffic in the area moves horizontally from one end to the other.  Filters are needed to ensure that the air entering the spray chamber is free from contaminants and the air that comes out that is free from harmful chemicals.

These filters play an important role in both ensuring a quality paint job and workshop meets health and safety regulations. Filters are also used to ensure that the air used in the spray from the hose is free from particulate contamination.

Filters require regular maintenance to ensure that the air both inside and outside the spray booth is the right quality. Through the use of a normal filter becomes clogged with debris, reducing their efficiency. Filters that are no longer functioning properly, affecting the air flow in the spray booth.

Poor air quality inside the spray booth will result in additional costs such as buffing, sanding color, and spray booth cleaning. The most important extra time used on a corrective procedure results in less work being completed – making it difficult for you to meet your production targets.